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For the first time ever, Sand Racing will be making its debut at RC Fest! The racing course allows two cars to be racing in an oval formation on their own course. It is a bracket-style elimination, the fastest car moves on. There will be jumps on the course, so be prepared for that twist.

Sand racing RC FEST
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Figure 8 Trailer Racing includes some of the hardest hits. Drivers will navigate a closed course with a trailer, the course will include some jumps and debris to avoid. The last truck moving under its own power and trailer attached is the winner.  Once the race starts, you cannot grab your vehicle for any reason. If you go out of bounds, your run is over.


We allow sheet metal bodies in this event and custom trailers. We require the trailer to be at least half the length of the pull vehicle. No vehicles larger than 1/7 are allowed.


The staff-picked favorite trailer will have an advantage at the start of the race.

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RC Fest is introducing another new event, RC Bowling.  RC Bowling is just like bowling, but you are substituting the ball with your RC Car. The driver who knocks down the most pins wins.

No vehicles larger than 1/7 are allowed to compete in this event. 

rc bowling RC FEST
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The final event in the weekend allows drivers to have 90 seconds to wow the judges with their best tricks that include but are not limited to; big air, wheelies, donuts, and so much more! Drivers will have access to some of the largest and craziest obstacles any RC event has ever had. If a driver fails to complete their run, that is when their score will be given. Drivers are allowed one flip over, the second is the end of their run. (using one person's own body to flip the car, or using an aid in a radio is included. Saves by using the throttle and steering with the driver in control is not considered a flip) The highest possible score is out of 40.

freestyle RC FEST
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Bash & Smash Events: Image
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