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Dakar Rally is the only RC race over a half-mile long. Dakar Rally includes rock, dirt, sand, mud, and everything else that can slow your truck down. Trucks and drivers will be released as a staggered start, the fasted course time wins! This is the most extreme race in RC; Dakar Rally!



Unlike Freestyle, this is a make-or-break moment. Every driver will have one chance to make history or be history with this scored competition of one move! Drivers will be required to share their stunt before attempting it, scores will reflect if the stunt is completed.

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In this game, drivers will draw poker chips to choose their team colors. Once the teams are selected, the game will begin. The first team to get the ball into the opponent's goal will advance. The winning team will re-draw and split into two teams. This will continue until there is a 1v1 final round matchup for the industry-leading Remote Control Soccer!



Two goliaths will hook chains and see which truck has more power, performance, and perseverance in this event! It is all about having a truck with a large enough payload while keeping tire-side down.

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The final event in the weekend allows drivers to have 90 seconds to wow the judges with their best tricks that include but are not limited to; big air, wheelies, donuts, and so much more! Drivers will have access to some of the largest and craziest obstacles any RC event has ever had. If a driver fails to complete their run, that is when their score will be given. Drivers are allowed one flip over, the second is the end of their run. (using one person's own body to flip the car, or using an aid in a radio is included. Saves by using the throttle and steering with the driver in control is not considered a flip) The highest possible score is out of 40.

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