My name is Adam Munds with RC Fest, which is a radio-controlled event for the importance of donating blood. When I was born I had dangerously low platelet counts and needed a blood transfusion to sustain life. At ten I decided to give back and created the event known as RC Fest. All the proceeds went to Impact Life ( Formally known as;  Community Blood Services of Illinois)  then in our second year we added the blood drive.  Since 2011 we have raised just over $15,000 and enough blood donations to save over 650 people. 

In 2013, I jumped the bloodmobile to start RC Fest which won me the award in 2014 for Most Innovative Blood Drive Coordinator in the state of Illinois. On average we had 150 competitors and over 500 spectators.  In 2016 I stepped down as event coordinator to focus on school.  The event returned in 2020 in spectacular fashion after getting approval from the Department of Homeland Security, and local health departments The last two years we focused more on the community with the addition of the Try-Me Zone and 1:1 Scale Toyz zone that featured a rock buggy and monster truck. RC Fest also brought people from all around the country including North Carolina, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and the surrounding states. 

This will not be your usual bash or crawler event; we will have events for every type of surface vehicle, and skill level.  Our two-day event will include two different championships. The Trail and Scale events include two Tough Truck trail courses through the woods, a sled pull, and a Mud Bog competition. The Bash and Smash events include J-Hook side-by-side racing, RC Soccer, Figure 8 Trailer Racing, Golden Snitch, King of the Hill, and Freestyle. 

The best part is attendance and participation are 100% free at RC Fest. The event is moving to a much larger facility in Tuscola IL, Wimple Park. The park features a large natural wooded area for the crawlers and a large pond for future boat racing. We transform the park into an RC Playground for one weekend. This year the event is on July 30th and 31st. We hope to see you there!